What size for my ring?

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I want a ring but I do not know my ring size ...
Find on this little guide any solutions to help you. Various tricks are gathered here to measure, a summary table of sizes and download ring pad. After that the rings will have no secret for you!


Measure its tour of finger by means of a ring

You can measure the inner diameter of your rings and refer you to the table below to find your size.
mesurer son tour de doigt
 SIZE Diameter Turn SIZE  Diameter Turn
42 1.33 4.18 58 1.85 5.81
44 1.40 4.40 60 1.92 6.03
46 1.46 4.58 62 1.98 6.22
48 1.53 4.80 64 2.04 6.41
50 1.60 5.02 66 2.10 6.59
52 1.65 5.18 68 2.15 6.75
54 1.72 5.40 70 2.22 6.97
56 1.78 5.59      
                    *(diameters and turns are in cm)


Measure your ring size with a ribbon

To know your tour of finger, cut a strip of paper or use a ribbon, and provide you of a pen and a ruler.

The distance obtained in millimeter gives you your ring size (50 for this example). If the measurement falls between two sizes, note the larger size. Be careful not to overtighten the ribbon when you roll up on your finger to make sure that the ring to pass to your articulations..
TO NOTE: the tour of finger may vary slightly according to the hour and the weather report, when it is warm, fingers inflate. Measure your tour of finger at the end of the day when fingers are inflate, avoid measuring the morning because fingers are generally thinner and you risk to take a too small size.


Downloadable baguiers

The addresses →    www.cartier.fr
Think also about your jeweler who can easily help you.

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