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To be sure not to deceive you in the purchase of your bracelets, we published this small guide to help you to make the good choice


Take its measures

To measure your wrist, grab a meter of needlewoman, or a ribbon or a string. Wrap around your wrist without squeezing too much, the ideal is to slip a finger under the tape (see picture). Note the measure by adding one half-centimeter.
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  • "Exact size": use your measure.
  • "Meadows of the skin": add 1 to 1.5 cm to your measure.
  • "Loose": add 1.5 to 2 cm to your measurement
Wrist circumference " Exact size "
13.5 à 14.4 cm 14 cm
14.5 à 15.4 cm 15 cm
15.5 à 16.4 cm 16 cm
16.5 à 17.4 cm 17 cm
17.5 à 18.4 cm 18 cm
18.5 à 19.4 cm 19 cm
19.5 à 20.4 cm 20 cm
20.5 à 21.4 cm 21 cm

The average size of bracelets is around 18cm for women and 20cm for men.

Measure your wrist circumference with one of its bracelets

You can use one of your bracelets. To do it, take the measure from an extremity to the other one by including the clasp and the tether. You will obtain then easily the exact size.

Measures for the stiff bracelets (rushes)

For rigid bracelets (rushes), it is not enough to know your wrist size, you should also measure the size of your hand to make sure it happens in the bracelet. See pictures.
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Think also about your jeweler who can easily help you.

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